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((sorry I've been slacking. it's con week, so I'm more than a little frazzled.

Three things in your grocery cart?))
((When is the last time you cried?))
The "date" with Jim was nice; watched Scotty's fireworks. I still feel awkward around him though. Maybe starting a realtionship with him was a bad Idea.

I've also screwed over Chekov unintentionally. Not that Scotty was any help in preventing that.
When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Got a 'date' with Jim tonight after shift. *grin*

Not sure whether to wear my uniform or civs though.
So we talked. Awkwardly, but we got there. Who knew that he had the ability to make me act like a skittish teenager?

He still doesn't know what he wants though, and it's... dissapointing at best. Yes, we kissed, and I think I might be addicted to that alone.

It's just irritating, not knowing.

I should be happy wiht what I have, I know. I guess I'm just selfish.

How long until the away team gets back?

It sounds like those of use still shipside are gonna need a drink. (Yeah, you too, Chekov.)

I'm happy, genuinely happy being their friend, really. Chapel, thanks for talking to me. And Uhura, thanks for, well you should already know. I kind of hope that they missed the thread and didn't notice.

Also, thank whatever gods there may be for hangover hypos.

I will find out, don't you worry. Let's see, it's not me or Spock, or Chapel or Evans. Probably not Uhura. Doubt it's Scotty or Chekov. Who else do you socialize with?

Huh, well, good luck with that.
Doesn't everyone have anyhting better to talk about than my sex life? You would think having a kid would kind of alert them that, yes, maybe something is happening there. *scowl* Even if I do 'like' someone, who says I even have to do anything about it, can't I just say I'm 'happy' the way I am?